Digital Marketing Services that Tell Your Story, Target Your Ideal Customers Directly, and (Most Importantly) are Cost-Effective

Two of the biggest concerns potential customers bring to us regarding marketing:

  1.  I have no idea whether I’m reaching people ( or that it’s working)
  2. I feel like I’m throwing money out the door

Directly Target Your Ideal Customer In a Cost-Effective Way

Digital Marketing provides an extremely cost-effective method of targeting potential customers that have already demonstrated they could use your products or services. You can target your ideal customers at a fraction of the cost of magazine ads, billboards or other traditional marketing methods, whether print or digital.

Is My Marketing Working?

We can also tell what posts, ads, emails, blogs, etc. are working because of the response. We can see how many people saw each post, and what types of action were taken. Then we take that feedback and use it to continuously tweak the focus of your marketing.

Tell Your Business’ Story

Most importantly, you can tell your story, showcase your expertise and experience with these prospects in way that is not achievable with any other medium. Demonstrate your recent projects, happy customers, reviews, testimonials, educate your potential customers and show the unique persona and brand of your business.

Digital Marketing Includes:


Social Media


Email Marketing

Directory Listings

Reputation Marketing

And More…the more platforms and methods of digital marketing that are used to create your online presence, the more successful you’ll be.

Why B Practical Solutions for your Digital Marketing?

All Digital Marketing Firms are not Created Equal.

Why mess with a rookie when you can have a professional in your corner? Most small web companies throw a couple of posts up or tweak a couple things on your website and call it Digital Marketing.

B Practical Listens to your needs, gets to know your business, researches how and where your customers live online. Then we create a specific strategy for your company, dive in and implement.

We work with writers, engineers and developers with over 10 years of experience, expertise with search engines, the nuances of social and how consumers react online. Our team eats and breathes digital marketing, so we continuously analyze and monitor reactions and feedback so we can tweak for continuous improvement.

Contact us today to find out how your company can benefit from B Practical Digital Marketing.