So once you’ve determined your customer’s lifetime value, the next step in building your marketing formula is to determine who much you can spend to acquire a customer. Why is this metric important? Most business owners have no idea of what to spend to acquire a customer, or what a realistic customer acquisition cost is.
What’s the first step to acquiring new customers? Figuring out how much you can spend to acquire each customer. And that amount stems from how much each customer is worth to your business over the lifetime of their patronage. So, how do you determine lifetime value?   How much is your average ticket price for

The Most Dangerous Word in Marketing

I love talking to prospective Marketing customers. They are so earnest, they really want to do the best they can for their business. Then they say the one word guaranteed to poison their marketing results for the rest of their days. Can anyone guess? Anyone? Bueller? The Most Dangerous Word in Marketing After I’ve just
We recently had a client tell us they were going out of business. Of course, they had just posted on social media that they were picked up by Walmart 2 days ago. Interesting. What was also interesting is they had told us they loved our work just last week. Hmmmm….. What could possibly be the

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